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It’s coming up on our two-month anniversary since Radium dropped its ‘beta’ label and we have some really cool features coming down the pipeline.

As with any startup, we know we need to educate you guys on this new app we’re releasing into the ecosystem and its benefits. We’ve designed Radium to be as intuitive as possible but a CRM by its nature can be a lot to digest. After receiving some great feedback and suggestions, we’re doing something to help with the more commonly asked questions …

Today we’re rolling out a new “How-to” section on radiumcrm.com to help get you up to speed on some of the main features in Radium. We have three walk-throughs on the more common actions and will add to this collection in the future.

Here is a brief summary of the three we’re adding today

Add a Meeting
We explore how to add meetings in Radium from the calendar page and elsewhere. We’ll also look at how to add attendees, attachments, and other useful fields.

Add a Task
Tasks are arguably the most common actions in Radium. In this video we’ll look at the many ways we can add tasks for us and our teammates, and we will look at how Radium reminds us of upcoming tasks throughout the app.

Add a Contact
Creating a well organized contact book might be the single greatest benefit of a CRM. In this how-to we’ll show how Radium handles contacts and how we help you save time on this crucial chore.

You can view the collection here and as always we would love to hear from you. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions please let us know.